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General Liability
Get a Free General Liability Quote Today!
Liability for your business is one of the absolute most important coverages a company owner can have. This policy will defend your business in the event of a lawsuit, protecting you from financial losses when a claim is filed against you for accidents or property damage.
Lawsuits happen to almost every business these days. It doesn’t matter if your company is fifty years old or brand new; a huge success or not, or how many employees you have. It doesn’t take much to invite a lawsuit in our society.
At My VA Insurance, we’ll discuss the details and budget of your business to find the right policy for you. Next, we shop sixteen of the region’s top carriers to find that policy, at the rate you deserve. We also provide you with professional advice and personal customer care.
After working so hard to get your business started, shouldn’t you have the right protection? Contact us today to learn more, or simply fill out our free quote form for a free quote! 
Workers Compensation
At My VA Insurance, the safety of your employees is crucial to us. We want to find a workers compensation policy that fits your company’s unique needs and keeps your workers healthy.
Employees getting sick or injured due to their job is common. Depending on what your company does, the risk could be high. Whether you run a high-risk or low-risk business, you’re expected to pay the medical bills when the accident or illness occurs. Having workers compensation means that the funds will be provided to pay medical fees, permanent disability, and can pay part of the injured employee’s salary. In the unfortunate event of a work-related death, workers comp pays a death benefit to that employee’s beneficiary.
My VA Insurance has been providing solid workers compensation policies for years, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. We work with sixteen top rated carriers to find the policy you want, at the rate you deserve. Together with you, we’ll discuss the details and needs of your company with you so that we can determine which policy will work best.
Want to learn more? Contact us at any time, or stop by our quote page for a free quote form!
Professional Liability
Does You Need Professional Liability?
Is your business adequately protected? Some companies, depending on what they do, may require more liability than just a general policy.
What would happen if you were to be sued for a lawsuit greater than the amount your general liability allows? The entire financial state of your business would be threatened.
That’s where a commercial umbrella policy (or “excess liability”) steps in. This coverage is activated when your primary liability is exhausted, and can potentially save you thousands.
At My VA Insurance, we’ll go over the details and requirements of your business to help you make an educated decision on whether commercial umbrella coverage is right for you. We offer expert advice and superior customer service, and we work with sixteen of the top rated carriers to find the best value available for you.
Let My VA Insurance help get you the peace of mind you deserve! Contact us today to learn more, or simply fill out our free quote form!
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